Friday, December 30, 2011

Virtual Design and Construction Manager

Glen Higgins, of GTH Associates, wrote to me with the following opportunity, he writes:

I’m blessed again with a very attractive and exciting search for a Virtual Design & Construction Manager. My client's BIM department currently consists of 5 extremely talented, top-notch engineers.

This is a corporate position based in the company’s US Headquarters in Los Angeles. Our client, with Regional annual revenue of $500mil plus, started as a small family owned and operated General Contractor. That type of work environment is still very evident today, as the company holds their employees in the highest regard by treating them as their number one asset. A perfect example of this company culture is the reason behind my current search. The current Virtual Design and Construction Manager comfortably approached executive level management, suggesting that they look for someone to further develop the technology and the department beyond what he feels he has the knowledge and experience to do.

Do you have the desire to teach, mentor and explore the future possibilities of BIM technology? If so, you will have the full support of a management team looking to continue investment into the necessary software and training. You will be further supported by a Pre-Construction and Estimating department of over 20 professionals. You will also be involved with an operations team made up of the best, long term employees hungry to learn how to do their job better at any time if provided the opportunity. They are ready to double the size of the department. They want to be on the cutting edge, ahead of the curve, and an innovator of technology within the industry – a Leader.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a special part of a “word is their bond” type of company. Who do you know that has construction experience, is able to mentor and train both his/her subordinates and peers, and manage effectively?

We respect and value confidentiality. All calls regarding further information about this position will be kept confidential. I promise anyone that shows interest and has the qualifications will be told who the client is before my client knows that we are talking. All information will remain between us until we agree that you would like to be introduced.

To learn more please respond to Glen via EMAIL.