Monday, May 5, 2008

A/E Technology Manager (Northern Florida)

This is not specifically Revit but Revit is one of the software products that is supported. This position is offered by CSI TECH Recruiter in Jacksonville, Florida.

General Description:
  • Provides leadership in the application of design technology.
  • Researches and keeps abreast of the latest industry technology applications in design and recommends changes and new programs.
  • Provides education, training and support to project teams so as to optimize the operational effectiveness of technology systems in design.

Specific Duties:

  • Manages CAD (ACAD, ADT, ABS, LDD) and BIM (Revit) software and deals with issues that hinder project design execution.
  • Interfaces with IT on CAD/BIM-related issues that are operating system or hardware-related to assure speedy resolution.
  • Keeps abreast of CAD/BIM trends so the company is prepared for changes/upgrades as they arise.
  • Looks for new technologies.
  • Manages other non-CAD/BIM software and corporate A/E electronic data such as MasterSpec, mfrs. selection software, etc.
  • Coordinates design technology applications between users and internal/external technology providers.
  • Incorporates company best practices into design technology.
  • Serves as technology applications resource for configuration, training and coordinates help desk for design users.
  • Advocates leveraging A/E technology in support of construction activities and vice versa.
  • Leads efforts in evaluation, selection and implementation of new design technologies.
  • Develops and implements best practices for technology and design application usage.
  • Creates, maintains and provides direction for application of digital design standards and procedures.
  • Develops and maintains computer applications to augment and integrate design functions.
  • Provides guidance and recommendations for computer hardware and applications.
  • Develops and maintains training standards for digital design tasks and applications.
  • Coordinates digital design training and evaluation efforts.
  • Provides assistance when requested in application of Microsoft Office including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access.
  • Participates in local and national design technology organizations.
  • Serves as digital design application and standards resource for project kickoff meetings.

Additional Requirements:

  • High school diploma and post secondary training in design technology (Bachelor's Degree preferred).
  • Eight years minimum experience in digital design technology.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to organize and manage complex implementation tasks, establish and meet schedules and maintain focus on goals.
If you are interested please contact:
Blake Crawford via email: blake at csitechinc dot com