Friday, October 26, 2012

Revit Application Developer - Analysis

A start up firm is looking for an experienced Revit programmer to help them build an analysis plugin for Revit. They want someone with proven experience creating or possibly at least a very key part of building designing (or can prove they can build) a complex analysis plugin for Revit using the API.

You are a person who is willing to be part of their team for the long term as they grow and develop. Please keep in mind that the company has worked with highly skilled programmers in the past, however they were not knowledgeable about/with Revit. As a result they were not as successful as they'd hoped. In this case, they are hoping that the readers of this blog will be the right fit for them!

The work can be done remotely, but they require that the you are located in the U.S. and have a very strong grasp of written and spoken English. They prefer that you are located in the northeastern U.S.A. That's because, ideally they'd want to easily meet with you in person on a somewhat regular basis. That means, for the right person (you?) and situation, remote work is still a viable option.

If you think you are THE person they seek. You can get additional information by reaching out to Nathan via EMAIL.