Friday, July 4, 2008

Revit Detailer - OR

The Facade Group is a design and documentation center of excellence. We are looking for that individual possessing the characteristics of exceeding expectations.

This applicant should possess the following qualifications:

* Revit Architecture work experience a must.
* Minimum 2 years’ experience with retail or commercial drafting.
* Experience collaborating with other professionals to complete projects.
* Strong communication skills.
* Proficient in AutoCAD.
* Building envelope, curtain wall, stone and building facade experience.
* Competent with Microsoft Office.

The Facade Group, LLC is a design and documentation center of excellence. Our expert staff is skilled in the diverse requirements of full building enclosure - from sub-grade to facade to roof. We are outwardly focused and seek to exceed client expectations. We work collaboratively to provide solutions that are inventive, effective and elegant - implementing the essence of Architecture. The Facade Group is committed to adding value for clients.

Every resume will be handled in confidence. Email your application, specifying the position to:

facade at facadegroup dot com

or mail it to:

The Fa├žade Group
133 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97204