Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Freelance Revit Modeling

William writes:

I am an architect with many years of experience on Revit. If you have a Revit or BIM model that you need to provide, and don’t yet have the in-house staff that can do it, let's discuss your needs.

While I am an architect, computers have been a life-long avocation of mine. I won international honors in high school computer-modeling the atmosphere, wrote the first paper at Georgia Tech on the use of computers in architecture offices, taught AutoCAD and AtutoCAD 3-D to myself, and transitioned a 10 person office into it. I bought my first Revit license in 2001, before it was acquired by AutoDesk.

Revit is the future of architectural documentation and will be with us for many decades. If you desire to eventually transition your office into Revit, I am more than happy to use the model as a start of that process, using it as a training vehicle for your employees. Afterwards, you can train them with professional trainers. Then their training won’t be a like a cold shower with a new software technology.

I am not an “I.T. person.” I have decades of experience working with designers and my own designs, putting ideas into real or virtual form. A white-on-white series of my Strathmore models was the centerpiece of an exhibit at a national museum.

Send an EMAIL for information.